Cally the Monster Kitten (cally_tmk) wrote,
Cally the Monster Kitten


Well, here we are, back in Crete :) We were last here back in October, and on the day we left something very peculiar had happened to the weather... high winds and lashing rain. This evening, however, has been very pleasant and mild, and we discovered a very nice little restuarant called 'Embolo', where we dined al fresco on spinach pie and Greek salad, washed down by a very agreeable red wine. We were observed throughout by a vocal, hopeful, but ultimately unsuccessful cat, which finally gave up and disappeared up a tree with amazing agility.

At this point, I should perhaps introduce the other members of our party (since they're bound to get mentioned over the forthcoming days - always assuming I manage to get on the internet again once we arrive in Myrtos); I'm travelling with cabbage, and his parents, Liz and Larry. It's their first time in Greece, so I'm looking forward to showing them some of the amazing Minoan sites, starting tomorrow with Knossos!
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