Cally the Monster Kitten (cally_tmk) wrote,
Cally the Monster Kitten

Random jottings

Glad to see that the concept of traveling without taking to the skies is gaining in popularity. Not only was there a very good article about it in the latest Friends of the Earth magazine, but even Radio 4 is jumping on the bandwagon: Traveller's Tree

I'm pleased to report that the temporary lapse in sanity (not mine, I hasten to add!) that led to my workday being shifted to an unpleasant 9am start has been rectified, and I'm now on a much more civilised 9.30 - 5.00 shift :)

One of the few good things that can be said for ironing it that it provides an excellent opportunity for listening to Radio 4, and I was intrigued to hear about the difficulties presented by attempting to provide artificial homes for bumble bees. Apparently, the bees 'natural' choice is abandoned mouse nests, so researchers used this as the basis for their creations (e.g. flowerpots filled with kapok). They've planted about 400 in all, and are a bit disappointed that so far, bees have only taken up residence in 2 of them. A substantially larger number, however, are now occupied by mice!

And finally, my bit of campaigning for the day - the Avaaz climate change petition.
I managed to supress my usual pedantic tendency to quibble over details, and just signed the darn thing - would be good if a few other people would like to do so too!
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